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Fruity Mona
Oranges Get Arty ♥

Welome Fellow Orange Lovers ♥

I believe that our wonderful bodies all have the capacity for great health and healing, no matter what stage of life we are at.
I, personally, believe that fresh, raw Orange Juice can aid our bodies when they are healing.
Wishing you much Health and Happiness ♥ ♥

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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Day 6


Regarding the sense of smell refining whilst on an Orange Juice Diet.
My neighbour's washing was on the line today, and the smell of the chemicals from the washing powder was making me feel quite nauseous.

But on the positive side, the Paperbark Blossoms smell just so good, their scent feeds me deep inside heart

Love and Peaches XX heart

heart Breakfast—the juice of 4 local Oranges, juiced in my mouth, 4 local Oranges through the Breville Juicer.

heart Tea—the juice of 8 local Oranges, juiced in my mouth.

Love and Peaches XX heart

Day 5...Feeling Alive!!

Day 5

I have been loosing fat, but not much muscle mass, which is pleasing.
My body fat was 7% today, so it will be interesting to see how it goes. heart

I am relishing the local Oranges, I tried two conventional Oranges today, just to see the difference.
Well they were more glossy (waxed), a brighter colour (probably dyed) but tastewise they came nowhere close to my Beauties. heart

—Breakfast, 4 local Oranges juiced in the mouth

—Lunch, 1 local Orange juiced in the mouth, 5 local oranges through the Breville Juicer

—Tea, 2 conventional Oranges juiced in the mouth, 2 local Oranges juiced in the mouth, 5 local Oranges through the Breville juicer.

I am feeling 'light' and healthy. A bit of elimination through my skin on my cheeks and forehead.
I am sleeping really well and waking up feeling just great.

Love and Peaches XX heart

Friday, May 29, 2009

A Photo of My Beauties!

Day 4

Here is a photo of my Beauties. We got 10kg from the grower.
That should keep me going for a few days, we will get another box on Sunday.

Breakfast—3 natural Oranges juiced in my mouth, 5 through the Breville Juicer

Lunch—a fresh Orange juice from a Juice Bar

Tea—2 Natural Oranges juiced in my mouth, 5 through the Breville.

Love and Peaches XX. heart

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Back On The Train Day 3

Back on the train, the local Oranges are so good that I am back on board and sharing my journey with a friend from

Having a simply Beauty Time.

Day 3
Still enamoured with the local beauty Oranges. They are just so good. Nice orange skin, with cute little ripeness marks on them. Tres Bon ♥

Breakfast—3 local Oranges juiced in my mouth, 5 local Oranges through the Breville Juicer.

Lunch—1 local Orange, juiced in the mouth, 4 local Oranges through the Breville Juicer.

Tea 4 local Oranges, through the Breville Juicer.

Feeling very blessed and excited. ♥ ♥ ♥
Love and Peaches XX.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Oranges make You Fly

Oranges Make You Fly!!

Day 9
Very busy with book orders, which is fantastic.

—Breakfast, 3 Mandies, juiced in mouth
—Lunch, 4 Natural Oranges, juiced in Breville Juicer.
—Tea, 4 Natural Oranges, juiced in Breville Juicer.

Love and Peaches XX.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Day 8...But I Only Drank!

Day 8
Today has been pretty hectic, in a very nice way, Frederic Patenaude put out an interview I did with him.
Frederic very kindly plugged my book a good deal in the interview, and as a result I was inundated with book orders today.
So not as much time for juice as I had planned.
I am very grateful for the interest this interview has brought heart Thanks Frederic!

—Breakfast, the juice of 5 naturally grown local Oranges

—Tea, the juice of 4 Natural Oranges.

Love You All XX

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I Love This Car! ♥ ♥ ♥

Oh my gosh, I love this car, I might even consider becoming a car driver, if I could get behind the wheel of this one.
It has a Mini engine beneath its delicious curves, and can only go at a maximum speed of 30mph—otherwise it rolls over!!

Day 7

—Breakfast—the juice of 4 naturally grown local Oranges juiced in a Breville Juicer.
—Lunch—the juice of 4 more local Oranges juiced in a Breville Juicer
—Tea—the juice of 4 more Naturally-grown Oranges.

All very beautiful and tasty—I guess I need to go Orange shopping tomorrow. ♥ ♥ ♥

I am feeling well, and nourished and definitely more flexible

Love, Thanks and Peaches XX

Toot Toot! The Orange Juice Train is Leaving The Station

I am boarding the Orange Juice Train.

I am very much looking forward to the journey with you all.
I have got in several bags of locally grown Oranges, from a nearby farm. Toot toot!

Love and Peaches XX

It is time... ... to catch the Orange Train.

Day 1

Morning—juice of 3 Oranges, using hand-juicer

—juice of 2 Oranges, juicing with mouth

Lunch—large cup of fresh-squeezed Orange juice from juice bar

Tea—2 Oranges, juiced in mouth.

Day 2

Today was very nice because I got to meet the man who is growing my Oranges. And when I go on a mono diet, I get very close to my chosen fruit.
We have been buying bags of his Oranges from his small farm, from a stall with an honesty box, at the side of the road.
Today we went up to the farm to talk with him.
I bought five big bags of his Oranges for only $2 a bag.

His Oranges are superb, really sweet and tree-ripened with lots of nice little 'ripe' marks on their skins.
He told us that he grows them really naturally—no sprays, fertilizers or chemicals—hurray!
And he is a really nice guy too. So good to connect with the grower of my nourishment.
A very beautiful aspect of living on the Sunshine Coast is year-round access to local, good quality fruit.
I guess the longer I love here the more lovely growers I connect with. This network of fruit lovers, enables me to thrive and I am eternally grateful to them heart

I had—
Breakfast— 5 Oranges juiced by mouth

Lunch— 3 Mandies juiced by mouth

Tea— 4 Oranges juiced with a simple hand-juicer.

Thank You

Love and Peaches,
from Anne XX

Day 4

Breakfast—the juice of 4 locally grown Oranges, juiced in hand-juicer

Lunch—Large cup of fresh Orange Juice from Juice bar

Tea—The juice of 4 locally grown Oranges, juiced in hand-juicer

By nice co-incidence, I got an old 1933 pamphlet in the post today. I had ordered it weeks ago, and almost forgotten about it.
Apparently the guy who sent it, sent it to Ohio instead of Australia, but luckily it got sent back to him. So it arrived via a rather circuitous route.
Anyhow, the booklet is called 'Fruits That Help Keep The Body Vigorous' .
I had no idea what fruits it was about—turns out it is all about the bounties of Citrus fruits. It mentions some studies, in the first part of the twentieth century, that found children given fresh Orange juice in addition to their normal diets, had far less gum disease and far fewer cavities.

Day 5
Breakfast—3 local Oranges hand-juiced, 2 local Oranges juiced in mouth

Lunch—4 Biodynamic Oranges juiced in Breville Juicer

Tea—3 local Oranges hand-juiced
Love and Peaches XX

Toot Toot!
Day 6
Having a great trip so far.

Breakfast—the juice of 3 local, naturally-grown Oranges

Lunch—the juice of 3 local ranges juiced in a Breville juicer

Tea—the juice of 4 local Oranges juiced in a Breville juicer

My body is feeling more limber and flexible, I am really appreciating the beat in music, I am in Love with my local Oranges, they are loving and naturally grown and I just need to pick them up from his wee stall, put some dollars in the honesty box, and I have my nourishment.
I also got some Mandies for Cappi and a bag of Passion Fruit for Cappi from the same stall.

Love and Peaches to you all XX ♥