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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Law of Attraction?

One thing that I have noticed, particularly since being on a fruit diet, is how certain things have an attraction for you- and vice versa.

For example, just before I did a 26 day Orange juice fast; I was thinking about whether or not I wanted to go on O.J. diet ; when the car I was in passed a huge model of an Orange, in somebody's front yard!

I also find that as well as noticing images and information about Oranges, when I am on an O.J. diet or thinking about going on one, in turn I am also attracted to all things Orange.

I have(among other things) two very realistic looking fake Oranges, that I picked up from the local $2 store, a radio in the shape of an Orange(complete with straw antennae), a music shaker that looks just like a juicy Orange and a hair bobble with a plastic Orange attached.

It seems that whenever I am thinking about an O.J. mono-diet, then I get the 'orangey' signs. I see pictures of Oranges everywhere- in magazines and books and of of the corner of my eye as I am out and about.

I do think that we are like little receivers, we humanfolk; we send out certain signals, depending on where we are in life- and then we pick up on and are sent back the things that we truly desire!

As with fruit, it is similar with other people and animals; we draw into our lives those people and animals with whom our energies and wavelengths resonate.

The Universe is not an airy fairy wishy-washy place but very well ordered logical and rational.

There are definate laws. Certainly Health laws, but also the laws of Cause and Effect and Attraction.

A certain action or behaviour will elicit a certain response. The Universe acts on order and harmony and not disorder.

So if we eat and behave in a certain way, we will get definate responses to those actions from the Universe.

Each of our actions sets of a whole chain of other actions, that have an impact not only upon our own lives but also upon the rest of the Planet.

The Universe does not lie and cheat but can only be true to herself. Her Health laws will serve you well and are there for everyone to enjoy.

Similarly you will attract into your life that which is attracted to you!

Enjoy peace, love and a vibrant and happy life.

Love from Anne XXX.

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