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I believe that our wonderful bodies all have the capacity for great health and healing, no matter what stage of life we are at.
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Monday, February 15, 2010

♥ Day 81 Mono Orange Juice ♥

Day 81 ♥
Because of all the heat and recent rain we have been experiencing here in South East Queensland, there has been a big growth in the Mosquito population.
When I am out gardening or watering, I find that I am soon covered with hungry Mosquitos, even in the sunshine in the middle of the day.
My experience with Mosquitos has been an evolving one since I began my raw journey.
Growing up in Temperate England, I never really was exposed to Mosquitos, or their desire for human blood.
I was first introduced to them, for any great length of time, at the beginning of my raw journey when I spent time in the Algarve region of Portugal; living  off some great local fruit, during the Northern Hemisphere's Winter.
I got bitten many times, and I found that my body would react quite strongly to the bite, and there would be swelling and itching for about four days.
As I progressed along the fruity path, I found that my reaction to insect bites in general, including Mosquito bites, really lessened.
There would be less swelling at the bite area, and less itching.
Before I started my current Orange Juice Diet, I found that initially upon being bitten by a Mosquito, I would have a very tiny amount of swelling and I would itch for up to 30 minutes; after this time both the swelling and itching would have disappeared - this was very different from the reactions I was getting at the beginning of my raw journey.

However, it interested me to find that despite being covered by hungry Mosquitos recently, I have had no itching, swelling, or any reaction at all to their bites.
So I was thinking that this Orange Juice Diet must have helped my body to deal even more effectively with Mosquito bites. Then in the evening I read this in Julie Stafford's book 'Juicing For Health':

"Bioflavonoids...have a strengthening effect in the capillary walls, and act as an anticoagulant and antihistamine."

So I was wondering if the antihistamine effect of Bioflavonoids, which are very high in Oranges, is one reson why I am not reacting at all to the Mosquito bites.
I have also noticed that since being on this Orange Juice Diet, I have very rarely sneezed or had any reation to dust or mould.
I sometimes get a bit sneezy, if I am exposed to a musty environment or to dust.

Other useful snippets I read last night, regarding Orange juice and its constituents, include this quote, also from Julie Stafford's book:

"Bioflavonoids maintain the walls of the small blood vessels; help combat odema, dropsy, diabetes and diseases of the joints; assist in arresting haemorrhages; aid the treatment of high blood pressure and cataracts; fight infectious bacteria, viruses and fungi, and assist in ridding the body of drugs, heavy metals and car exhaust fumes."

And more from Julie Stafford:

"It (Orange juice) cleanses and tones the gastro-intestinal tract and improves the permeability and strength of the capillary walls...and is helpful in treating asthma, bronchitis, catarrh, blood disorders, anaemia, scurvy, heart disease, high blood pressure, indigestion, liver disorders, lung disorders, pneumonia and skin disorders and can aid weight loss. Orange juice is also an excellent source of calcium and phosphorus. It assists in the formation of bones and teeth and prevents rickets."

Stafford's sentiments are echoed in C.E. Clinkard's book, 'The Use of Juices':

"The juice of the orange is one of the most palatable natural juices in existance and it is also one of the most beneficial. Its value is widely recognised nowadays and its advantages for babies and growing children have been clearly established, especially on account of its power to assist in bone and teeth formation and in preventing rickets. it is an excellent source of calcium and phosphorus"

And from 'About Juices' by John B. Lust:

"The orange is one of nature's finest gifts to man. Orange juice contains pre-digested food in a most delicious and attractive form, ready for immediate absorbtion and utilization. Even full milk is not superior to orange juice in nutritive value as some might expect."

And both John B. Lust, and Vivienne Lewis, in her book 'Raw Juices For Health', say that Orange juice is very beneficial for those suffering with Rheumatoid Arthritis, because people affected by this condition have very fragile capillaries, which are aided by the bioflavonoids in Oranges and their juice.

♥ So All Hail the Mighty Orange ♥
I certainly am very grateful for all the Golden Wonder it has brought into my life ♥

Fruity Fare ♥
Morning - 500mls/16.9oz of Organic Valencia juice, using Amco hand juicer.
Midday - 600mls/20.29oz of Organic Valencia juice, using Amco hand juicer.
Afternoon - 4 Organic Valencias, juiced in my mouth, and 1 large freshly squeezed juice from a juice bar.

Fruitful Exercise ♥
I hour fast walking.

Have Wonderful Days ♥
Love and Peaches XX.


Adam said...

Hey Anne

That was absolutely fascinating about the changes in mosquito reactions. I have always been one of the lucky ones who never got bit by mosquitos on holiday (or if I did, I never reacted), but I am definately of the opinion that the cleaner our body becomes, the less attractive we will become to mossies, and when they are attracted, the less we will react.

It makes sense that on a high fruit raw diet, all the phytonutrients like bioflavanoids would help protect our bodies from things like bites, allergic reactions etc.

I really really enjoyed this post. Thanks so much for the information.

I had some juiced blood oranges in your honour for my evening meal yesterday and today, with the pulp re-added. I havent had blood oranges in 3 years. I love them. And they were delicious. I was thinking of you whilst juicing and consuming them :o)

And congratulations on reaching 81 days too. 81 is a very special number. The Ancient Chinese Taoists considered 81 one of the sacred numbers. Alot of Taoist exercises use a count of 81. 9 is seen as the number of divine completion and a count of 9x9 is a magnified divine completion. Hopefully some really divine, deep healing has occured by now for you.

Take care

Adam x

Take care

Adam x

Anne said...

Dear Adam ♥
Thank you very much for your lovely comment ♥
I am so glad your Blood Orange juice was wonderful.
One of my fondest Orange memories is drinking the juice of sweet Sicilian Bloods whilst staying in Malta.
Thank you also for the information on the number 81.♥
I had not heard this information before, and found it very interesting.
81 also holds some significance for me because I appreciate the number 108, which is numerically significant in India, and the parts of 108. So 81 is three-quarters of 108.
Thank you for visiting ♥
Have a Beautiful Day.
Love and Peaches,
from Anne XX.

Esmee said...

If this is too personal, please forgive me, but I am curious to know if you have had any bowel movements during your orange juice diet?

Anne said...

Dear Esmee ♥
Thank you for your comment ♥
Because I am juicing many of my Oranges in my mouth, I am taking in small amounts of fibre, so I am having a BM every three or four days or so.
When I did my OJ diet in 1995, I was straining all my juice, and so with less fibre my BMs were less frequent than this and more like rabbit droppings!

Have a Beautiful Day ♥
Love and Peaches,
from Anne XX.

ProDigit said...

Let me just say, we hear all these good news about how certain fruits and vegetables are good for you.

Instead what should be more true, is that those fruits should be already part of our diet. And the diet that gets many fat, is actually unhealthy.

So let me rephrase that:
Eating oranges, tomatoes, cabbage, broccoli, etc... is NORMAL!
Not eating them IS NOT!
Eating cheese, cream, sugars, coffee, meat with lots of fat content (like pork) and all these other things, are actually causing A LOT of BAD in us!
Things that vegetables and fruits can rectify at times, but our original diet should be of the land, not milk, fats, sugars, cheeses and hi-calorie diets!