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I believe that our wonderful bodies all have the capacity for great health and healing, no matter what stage of life we are at.
I, personally, believe that fresh, raw Orange Juice can aid our bodies when they are healing.
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Friday, February 19, 2010

♥The End of The Juice Diet.♥

So, I broke the Orange juice diet today on four fresh ripe Dates spread out over about one hour - and they tasted delicious.
I am still doing some deep level elimination which is quite an experience in itself. And despite eliminating from my eyes, the whites of my eyes have never looked whiter. Also my skin is totally clear.
So I have at least two nice side-effects from all the elimination.
Later in the day I had about 50gms/1.76oz of Organic Watermelon.
I am trying to take the re-introduction of other fruit gently.
I also drank lots of water today, to help to flush my body out.

And I just wanted to say  Thank You again to everyone who has followed my blog and given me support whilst I was on my Juice Diet.♥
I an eternally grateful that I was able to carry it out in such a wonderful way ♥
I think I will still post here if I find out some amazing Orange facts, and I certainly will the next time that I go on an Orange juice diet.

So Many Thanks for all your wonderful support and great comments.
Wishing you Beautiful Days ♥
Love and Peaches,
from Anne XX.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations, dear Anne, on your amazing 84 day OJ experience, and thank you for sharing your adventure with us here!
May your transition back to your normal mixed fruit diet be a smooth and pleasant one.
Love & hugs,

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Anne! And thank you so much for sharing your healing journey with us.

Love & Sunshine!

Anne said...

Dear Harmony ♥
Thank you so much for your comment and lovely words.
It is always special to hear from you ♥
Wishing you and your family a very Happy and Fruiful Day ♥
Love and Peaches,
from Anne XX

Dear Connie ♥,
Thank you very much for your comment.
Your visits here are always appreciated.

I have enjoyed sharing ♥
Have a Wonderful Day with your loved ones ♥
Love and Peaches,
from Anne XX

parsley said...

Dear Anne,

You are amazing! Thank you so much for sharing a little piece of sunshine. I so looked forward to reading about your day, especially when munching on oranges!
I hope you always have abundance of perfectly ripe fruit!

Anonymous said...

Hi Anne,

Congrats on your completed orange juice fast. You are truly an inspiration.
I tried to do a short orange juice fast myself but my teeth are hurting too much when drinking orange juice. When I eat them whole I have no probs whatsoever.
Enjoy the fresh dates now
Have a fruity day

Fruity Jules said...

Dear Anne. . .

This journal has been a beautiful gift. Thank you so much, and I just adore this final orange company poster. You are too clever!

Love and fruit syrup always,

Jeff Ferguson said...

Great work Anne! It would be interesting if you could have your blood analyzed for any deficiencies. Not that I would expect any, but there are people that are convinced that 84 days on nothing but OJ would cause certain deficiencies.


Anne said...

Dear Lindsay ♥
Thank you very much for your appreciation and your best wishes ♥
They are greatly appreciated.
Wishing you too the sweetest and sunniest fruits.
Love and Peaches,♥
from Anne XX.

Dear Jenny ♥
Thank you very much for your beautiful comment ♥
enjoy your lovely Oranges ♥

The fresh Dates have been so delicious.
And Thank you so much for visiting ♥
Wishing you a Wonderful Day ♥
Love and Peaches,
from Anne XX.

Dear Julie ♥
Always lovely to have you stop by fruity sister.
I guess that we are the Syrup Sisters!
Wishing you syrupy Oranges and Beautiful Days ♥
Love and Peaches,
from Anne XX

Dear Jeff ♥
Thank you very much for your comment ♥ and for stopping by ♥
I would be very interested to see what state my blood is in, as I guess it would be petty different from someone on a very different diet.
Wishing you a Fantastic Day ♥,
Love and Peaches,
from Anne XX.


LOVE YOU ANNE! ;D) Congratulations!
What a journey. You are so deserving of all benefits & love received.
Please keep us posted on your transition if possible. I know that is an area that doesn't get discussed much & would be helpful to read about.
Light & Love! Xx..


Ollique said...

Hey Anne!
I've come across your blog recently and I'm simply amazed! It's the first time I've read about the O.J. diet, and I liked the idea. Unfortunately, in Moscow, Russia, I have no access to organic oranges. Your blog inspires me to keep to O.J. diet for a while =)
May I just ask you a couple of intimate questions? You've been living on raw food diet for a long time already, while I'm a newbie here (a bit more than a year, trying to eat mono, but still mix). So, my question is about your menstruation and your experience in giving birth - how did it change with changes in your diet and how was labour?
Thanks in advance
Have a sunny-fruity day!

Anonymous said...

Hey Anne

Congratulations on completing your juice diet. Its a tremendous achievement. I will certainly miss following your blog, I have really enjoyed reading your thoughts and experiences each day.

I hope that your elimination is complete soon and that your health continues to improve even more.

Take care

Adam x

Anne said...

Dear Aimee ♥
Thank you for your visits here,
they are always appreciated ♥.
I am just ending some pretty deep elimination, that happened right at the end of my Orange juice diet.
I had a fever and mucus elimimation from my eyes and nose.
So I have been resting.
My skin has gone very soft and eyewhites are very white.
I am also experiencing sensations, smells, and feelings from my childhood, so I guess the first toxins in may be the last to leave.
So I have been taking it easy, and eating light fruit meals.
Wishing you a Wonderful Day ♥
Thanks again for visiting ♥
Love and Peaches,
from Anne XX

Dear Ollique ♥
Thank you for your comment ♥
I am glad you have been enjoying my blog - I loved writing it.
Sorry to hear that you cannot access Organic Oranges where you live.
Regarding menstruation, for me, it is much quicker, easier and not at all painful on a fruit diet.
And I found it interesting that even with my body fat percentage at less than 5% on this Orange juice diet, I still ovulated and had my monthly cycle.
For both my births, I had no drugs or painkillers. My younger son's birth was especially beautiful because I had him at home underwater.
I just used breathing exercises to manage the birth experience.
For my first birth, I was in transition to raw, with the second, I had been on a raw diet for nearly 12 years.
One major difference between the two births was that with my second child's birth even though I was 12 and a half years older, my stomach went back to flat 24 hours after giving birth, and I lost all my pregnancy weight straight away.
This was a great surprise for me.
I hope this helps.
Wishing you a Beautiful Day ♥
Love and Peaches,
from Anne XX.

Dear Adam ♥
Thank you for your visit and comment ♥
I have done some deep elimination this past week,and had some interesting experiences.
When my strength is back to normal,
I hope to document it here, as I have experienced several things for the first time.
I am feeling very inspired at the moment by the older Natural Hygienists, and I have been reading some dusty old bookswhose words are just so fresh!
Wishing you a Beautiful Day ♥
Love and Peaches,
from Anne XX

Yogaranka said...

Dear Anne,

It is such an honor to be able to read about your life through your blog. Thank you for sharing with us the details of your o.j. diet, and I'm wishing you much strength to get back to your former or even higher than former energy levels!

Keep shining, showing us the path.
Thank you.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Patty said...

Wow this diet sounds great! As an orange juice lover I think I'm going to have to try it out, thanks for the tip!

Cindy said...

Sounds like a nice and sweet fast. Be well.

Xerxes said...

Love you Anne and you bloggy ♥

You ♥

FruiTanya said...

HI Dear, how are u?
I am a fruit apple girl from Rome, Italy. What u mean for "nice side effects" at the end of ur juice diet?
Thank u

Anne said...

Dear FruiTanya,
Thank you for your comment.
Regarding the side effects, my skin went nice and clear; and the whites of my eyes were very clear and white.
Wishing you a very Beautiful Day,
Love and Peaches,
from Anne XX.

Dear Yogaranka, Xerxes, Patty and Cindy,
Thank you all for stopping by and leaving a comment.
Love and Peaches,
from Anne XX.

Lucas Moore said...

Congratulations, dear Anne! This diet sounds really great! I am also a lover of orange juice and I think I'm going to have to try it out, thanks for the tip and nice post.
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Edward said...

It's really good for health,
I just love the taste of that juice,.
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