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I believe that our wonderful bodies all have the capacity for great health and healing, no matter what stage of life we are at.
I, personally, believe that fresh, raw Orange Juice can aid our bodies when they are healing.
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Saturday, January 2, 2010

♥ Day 37 Mono Orange Juice ♥

Day 37.

The weather here in South East Queensland continues to be wonderful. Plenty of Sunshine and plenty of rain. I got caught in a Tropical downpour yesterday; it was better than any shower I have ever had. I find the rainwater just so clean and soft and energising.

Apart from enjoying the rain, I am also really enjoying reading a book, lent to me by a friend, called, 'Quantum Eating' , by Tonya Zavasta.
I can relate to much of what Zavasta writes about needing less food as one continues on the fruity path. That is not to say that enough food is not important. I just think that the enough figure is not necessarily static and that our needs can and may change as we journey along.
I think it is vitally important to get enough food, especially when one first starts out on a raw unprocessed diet.
This is an example of how important I feel it is to listen to our own bodies and their own special needs, rather than just follow what is working for someone else.

Here is a quote from Zavasta, page 281:

"Rawsome beauty is a reflection of your superior health, and, therefore, is all about individuality.
There is no absolute standard of natural beauty emerging on the raw food diet; which is precisely the reason that its pursuit is so intriguing. It is when the imperfections become beauty, as shadows are to light. It is when the autumnal face has even more grace and exquisitness in its fading than either spring or summer beauty can ever exhibit. When health contributes and sustains beauty, beauty stops being Nature's boast but becomes a sacrament."

With good old Orange synchronicity the book came to me at just a time when I could really appreciated it.

I feel that I am getting into the stored fat and doing some elimination. I have some clear mucus elimination from my throat, and a little from my eyes when I wake in the morning.
I also have some small pimples on my cheeks and forehead.

I do not feel that I am dehydrated despite not consuming that much liquid. This is because I am urinating at least 9 times a day, the urine is also copius and clear.
I had the feeling today, that as we clean our bodies and are on a lighter diet then the body may well need less water/fluid to function optimally.
I listen to my body on thirst and that usually seems to work well for me.

Fruity Fare ♥
Morning—500mls of Biodynamic Valencia Juice, using a hand juicer.
Afternoon—9 Biodynamic Valencias, juiced in my mouth.

Fruitful Exercise ♥
1 hour fast walking.

Have Radiant Days ♥
Love and Peaches XX.


Sandrine said...

Dear Anne <3

could'nt be your latest not so good oranges that gave you some detox skin symptoms ?

sweet love

Anne said...

Dear Sandrine ♥
Thank you for your comment.
I had not thought that it might be the less than optimal Oranges.
Thank you ♥
Have a Beautiful Day ♥
Love and Peaches XX.