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I believe that our wonderful bodies all have the capacity for great health and healing, no matter what stage of life we are at.
I, personally, believe that fresh, raw Orange Juice can aid our bodies when they are healing.
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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Day 47 ♥ Mono Orange Juice.

Day 47 ♥
Cappi chose a great book the last time he went to the library.
It is called: 'The Digger's Club: The Australian Fruit and Vegetable Garden' by Clive Blazey and Jane Varkulevicius.
While it may be considered a little odd for a five year old to pick a fruit-growing book from the library, I guess a child raised on a natural diet is not your average library customer.

I was very grateful for Cappi's choice because this is an awesome book. Not only does it give lots of useful information on growing your own food, but it is really on the ball in regard to how Supermarkets and chemicals are greatly affecting our fruit quality and choices.

Here are a few of the paragraph titles:
Destroying Food Quality
showing how picking fruit unripe and treating fruit with chemicals vastly reduces its nutrient content and quality.

Ninety Percent of Fruit and Vegetable Cultivars Are Lost.
Shows how, for example, at the  turn of the 20th. Century there used to be three to four thousand Apple Varieties, but now they have been replaced by 4 or 5 main supermarket varieties. These supermarket varieties are always chosen for shelf life over flavour and quality.

The Tastiest Fruits Never reach Market.
Explains how important it is to rescue and grow the old heirloom varieties, rather than rely on the supermarket fruits that are selected for storage life.

Planting Fruit Instead of Flowers.
looks at how the fruit garden can be beautiful to look at as well as functional.
"Isn't a persimmon in autumn as exquisite as any magnolia in spring."

Quality of Life Begins at the Table.
This section looks at how people can become self-sufficient in food production and in doing so help rescue the precious heirloom fruits and vegetables.

A really great book, that is geared for Australian growers, in terms of specific advice for the different growing regions in Australia, but has got great information in it that is relevant to everyone who values great quality fresh produce.

We went to the beach today. It is so beautiful breathing the  fresh and vitalising briny air.
I did a fast walk from Cotton Tree beach to Alexandra Headlands and back, and it felt just wonderful.
I had the sea breezes in my lungs and the beautiful sun on my body ♥

As we were in the area, we went buying Figs from the best Fig grower we have found on the Sunshine Coast.
I looked at the plump and Jammy purple Figs, just starting to burst open (this grower is unusual in that they pick all their Figs perfectly ripe) but I was not quite ready to stop the Orange juice. The Figs have just come into season and will be around for the next two months.

Fruity Fare ♥
Morning—the juice from 3 conventional Oranges, juiced in a hand juicer.
Late Morning—a large cup of fresh squeezed non-organic Orange juice from a juice bar.
Afternoon—10 Organic Oranges, juiced in my mouth.

Fruitful Exercise ♥
40 minutes workout
40 minutes fast walking.

Wishing you all Beautiful Days and Top Quality fruit ♥
Love and Peaches XX.


Sarah said...

Thank you for taking the time to document your Orange Juice Mono Diet. I just read from day 1 to day 47 and enjoyed the journey immensely. I'd really love to try this sometime. I totally resonate with your feelings of satisfaction. I mono'd on watermelon juice for a while last year. I never felt better, but family worried at the amount of weight I was losing. I broke away from the juice much before my body was ready, due to the pressure from family. I deeply regret not allowing my body to finish cleaning, repairing, and restoring itself. Next time I'll listen to my body and not the opinion of others.

Thank you!

Anne said...

Dear Sarah ♥
Thank you for taking the time to read my blog ♥
I think it can sometimes be challenging doing a cleansing diet amid others who do not fully understand what is happening to our bodies.
I always have good energy and strength on a mono diet despite losing weight.
Maybe there needs to be a beautiful desert island where mono fruities can hang out!
Have a Wonderful Day ♥
Love and Peaches XX

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