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I believe that our wonderful bodies all have the capacity for great health and healing, no matter what stage of life we are at.
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Sunday, January 17, 2010

♥ Day 52 ♥ Mono Orange Juice

Day 52 ♥
Today was kind of a special day for me because I reached the 52 day mark, which is the longest that I have previously gone, in this lifetime, on Orange juice.
I did a 52 day Orange juice diet back in 1995. It was a great experience and really helped to pave the way for me on a fruit diet. I found that after this 1995 Orange juice diet, I was better able to assimilate my fruit and I seemed to get more value from fruit —I just felt that the fruit I ate was doing me so much more good.
I ended my first 52 Orange juice diet, not because I felt ready to stop but because my friends and family were concerned about how much weight I had lost. Me, myself, I felt stronger than usual and had plenty of energy, but I was 28lbs less than my normal weight. This time around I am about 14lbs less than my 'normal' weight.
So that is an interesting difference. I am seeming to lose less weight each time I do an extended mono Orange juice diet.
Yesterday,I was looking at my 'Orange Juice Diaries' on my website
and I have lost less weight this time than I did on a 26 mono Orange juice diet two and a half years ago in May 2007.

However, I do think that weight loss is a factor to take into account in mono Orange juice diets. I am feeling now that I am getting to the stage where I look pretty thin. I feel great and feel strong and energetic—more so than on a mixed fruit diet — but I can appreciate that I might not look so strong!

I am just loving the Syrup Ball Oranges, they are so wee, but so packed with flavour.
I desire and enjoy them so much. And I do not feel the need or desire for any other fruits when I have them by my side ♥

I am also really enjoying dancing and exercising ♥

Fruity Fare ♥
Morning—11 Syrup Balls, warmed by the sun, juiced in my mouth
Late Morning—11 Syrup Balls, warm from the sun, juiced in my mouth
Afternoon—17 Syrup Balls, juiced in my mouth.

Fruitful Exercise ♥
40 minutes workout
50 minutes dancing
20 minutes fast walking.

Much Love to you all ♥
Wishing you great quality fruit and great health and happiness ♥ ♥
Love and Peaches XX.


Lady C said...

I love your orange art today! It has been a real pleasure to read your orange juice blog, thank you. I'm finding it very interesting!

Anne said...

Dear Lady C ♥
Thank you for your kind comment ♥
I am glad you are enjoying my blog.
I love the Valencia Fairies too ♥
Wishing you a Wonderful Day ♥
Love and Peaches,
from Anne XX.

Harmony said...

Dear Anne ♥,
Congratulations on reaching your magical Day 52 on your mono OJ adventure! I really love to read about your experiences, and look forward to your daily posts. I just happened to come across this lovely blog when Googling OJ fasts/diets. :) I look forward to reading how far this particular journey takes you.
Love & happy orange days,
Harmony ♥

Anne said...

Dear Harmony ♥
Thank you for your lovely comment ♥
I am not sure how long I will be on the Orange Juice Train, but the journey so far and the views have been just fantastic ♥
Wishing you a Very Beautiful Day ♥
Love and Peaches,
from Anne XX.

Greenmama said...

Enjoying sharing your celebration with you on this special day. Very interesting about how your body is becoming more efficient on fewer calories. (Or that's the way I interpreted it...)


Anne said...

Dear Marjorie ♥
Thank you for your comment ♥
I had a great Day 52, Thank you ♥
It does seem like I lose less weight with each extended mono Orange juice diet.
And I am really feeling good.
Have a Beautiful Day ♥
Thank you for stopping by.
Love and Peaches XX.