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I believe that our wonderful bodies all have the capacity for great health and healing, no matter what stage of life we are at.
I, personally, believe that fresh, raw Orange Juice can aid our bodies when they are healing.
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Monday, December 7, 2009

Day 11 Mono Orange Juice Diet

Day 11 of sweet Valencia Nectar, I have still not lost much weight.
It seems like everytime I go on an Orange Juice Diet, I lose less weight and seem to assimilate the juice better.
It has been really delicious and nutritious juice this time around.
The Biodynamic Valencias are pretty small (about half the size of a regular Valencia) so I am having juicing more Oranges than when I use larger Oranges.

Fruity Fare
Morning—The juice from 11 Biodynamic Valencias, juiced in the mouth.
Lunchtime—The juice from 9 Biodynamic Valencias, juiced in mouth.
Afternoon—1 conventionally grown Orange, juiced in mouth.

Exercise—1 hour walking.

It has been really hot here, about 36 Centigrade/97 Farenheit; but I have not been feeling the heat, but enjoying it.

I have had a very quiet and peaceful digestive system, and continue to have lovely sleep.

Love and Peaches XX
from Anne ♥


Raw Hiker said...

That's fantastic that you're getting such great Oranges, Anne! Just hearing about your 36 degree weather warmed me up a bit ... it's -27 degrees here. :)

Anne said...

Dear Debbie ♥,
Thank you for your comment.
Wow that is some seriously chilly weather! Just looking at my thermometer -27 is about as low as it goes!
Wishing you much warmness within, and a happy and beautiful day.
Love and Peaches XX.♥
It sure looks beautiful on your avatar photo ♥