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I believe that our wonderful bodies all have the capacity for great health and healing, no matter what stage of life we are at.
I, personally, believe that fresh, raw Orange Juice can aid our bodies when they are healing.
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Monday, December 14, 2009

Day 18 Mono Orange Juice

Day 18.
I have been enjoying a book from the 1920's called 'The Fast Way To Health' by Dr. Frank McCoy.
I bought it some time ago from Amazon, the edition was printed in 1926 and had a price cover of US $3, quite a lot of money back in 1926. 80 years later I too paid $3 for it from a second-hand bookseller. Funny how things work out.
Anyhow, McCoy helped many people to regain and rebalance their health using water fasting, fruit diets, and in many cases an exclusive Orange juice diet.
So it is wonderful whilst on an Orange juice diet myself to read his case histories of treating anything from catarrh to deafness to anemia using an Orange juice diet.
I have read his work before, but it is especially relevant for me to read his words whilst being on an Orange juice diet.

I am really enjoying my exercise and walking, because I feel such a nice fluidity in my joints which makes exercise even more of a pleasure.
I am now down to the last of my Biodynamic Beauties, so I will be having Organic Oranges in the next few days unless a new supply of Biodynamic Valencias arrives.

Fruity Fare:
Morning—the juice of 10 Biodynamic Valencias, juiced in mouth.
Afternoon—the juice of 6 Biodynamic Valencias, juiced in mouth.

40 minute workout
40 minute fast walk.

Have Beauty Days,
Love and Peaches XX.


Sarah said...

Thanks for giving a review on his book. I need to add it to my wishlist!


Anne said...

Dear Sarah ♥
Thank you for your comment♥.
I think that McCoy shows with his case studies how healing the body can occur very successfully if the conditions are appropriate.

Have a Beautiful Day ♥
Love and Peaches XX