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I believe that our wonderful bodies all have the capacity for great health and healing, no matter what stage of life we are at.
I, personally, believe that fresh, raw Orange Juice can aid our bodies when they are healing.
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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Day 20 Mono Orange Juice.

Day 20.
I have been really enjoying reading Dr. Frank McCoy's book.
I will quote a case study:

" Case 26. male 65 years of age. This patient was a retired physician who had been totally deaf for about 10 years. He came to me in the hope that I might be able to give him a diet which would relieve the catarrhal condition in his head and throat which had existed all his life. He remembered having catarrh as a boy, and was never entirely free from it at any time, but in spite of all the treatments he took in his endeavors to overcome the trouble, it gradually increased through the years, so that when he presented himself to me for treatment he was using several handkerchiefs daily. He gradually became deaf during the years of his practice, and the last few years had been spent as a specialist on a certain branch of medical science where acute hearing was not essential. After becoming totally deaf he found it hard to continue his practice at all and consequently retired from it altogether.
I explained the benefit of the fasting cure for his catarrhal condition, and suggested that his hearing might be regained. Of course he did not believe this, after eminent specialists had failed to help him.
He started on an orange juice fast to rid his system of catarrh. during the fast he used only the juice of 6 oranges daily, one taken every two hours with a plentiful supply of water.
The fast was continued for 25 days. After the tenth day certain loud noises could be heard. His hearing continued to improve, and on the eighteenth day of the fast he passed the test used for railway trainmen, and could hear a watch tick 18 inches from either ear...
The cure was completed several years ago and from time to time I have heard from the doctor, who has resumed practice, and has had no return of catarhal symptoms or deafness."

Over the last few days I have been eliminated some clear mucus in the morning.
My energy is generally very good, although there was a point today where I wanted to rest for a an hour in the afternoon.

My sleep is so wonderful and rested and my dreams are very vivid.

Fruity Fare:
Morning—12 Organic Valencia Oranges, juiced in the mouth

Fruitful Exercise:
1 hour fast walking
40 minute workout
20 minutes dancing.

Have Beauty Days ♥
Love and Peaches XX.


Anonymous said...

I'm enjoying your blog Anne! That's a wonderful story of curing deafness. I notice when I eat worse, I get itchy ears and a little discharge in my ears. Glad you are doing well. Laurie

Anne said...

Dear Laurie,
Thank you for your comment ♥
There are many wonderful case studies in McCoy's book; very inspirational accounts of healing.
Have a beautiful day ♥
Love and Peaches XX.